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        Welcome to Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Official website



        Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Contact: manager Jiang

        Fixed: +86-0561-3126301

        Fax: +86-0561-3126380

        Mobile: +86-13856195551

        E-mail: 1565688698@qq.com

        Address: no.222, dongshan road, duji district, huaibei city, anhui province

        Zip code: 235000

        Enterprise spirit

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        Unity and practical risk, pioneering and striving.

        One, good for one, assiduous in seeking

        Keeping a promise, keeping a promise, doing nothing wrong, self-discipline, self-cultivation, and heart, is the way of all things. The mining and electromechanical people operate the way of thinking, take virtue as the foundation, keep the promise, and win the recognition of customers, collaborators and the public;

        Diligent efforts, tirelessly to search, ashamed of numbness, negative, sabotage, proud of actively enterprising, expand innovation, have the courage to bear, Germany as this is we bear mission, striving for, realize the dream, achievement basic behavior of customers.

        Second, to share win-win results and achieve customers

        Mining electromechanical proud of sharing and win-win, differences in complementary, platform sharing, break the barrier of the department team spirit guide, optimization of process efficiency, sincere communication, forming alliance cooperation, jointly build wonderful future;

        Customer demand is the driving force of mining and electromechanical development. Customer satisfaction is the only reason for mining electromechanical existence! Satisfy customer demand, continuously create value, achievement client is achievement oneself!