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          We will energetically improve the safety guarantee of coal mine in central enterprises
          Time:2017-08-28 10:57:23      Clicks:6197

          June 30 solstice, July 1, the national coal mine safety inspection bureau held a symposium on the safety production of coal mine in central China. Zhao tiehammer, deputy director of the state administration of security supervision and director of the national coal mine safety administration, attended the meeting and spoke. Peng jianxun, deputy director of the national coal mine safety administration, made a summary statement.

          Zhao tiechui, points out that the purpose of this meeting is to seriously implement the leading comrades of the CPC central committee and the state council on strengthening the safety in production work spirit of a series of important instructions, directives, in-depth analysis of the current new situation, facing deep draw lessons from shift, decisive and effective measures to further strengthen the central enterprise of coal mine safety production work, effectively prevent and resolutely curb major workplace accidents, promote the national coal mine safety in production situation steadily improving. In his speech, he fully affirmed the important position and role of the central enterprises in national security production. Compared with other coal mines in China, safety production has the characteristics of "four high and low". First, the production capacity is high. Of the coal mines owned by the central enterprises, there are 58 mines of 5 million tons/year; There are 36 out of 10 million tons/year. The second is the high efficiency of raw coal. In 2009, the central enterprise coal mine worked 10 tons per person, which was 46% higher than the state-owned coal mine. Third, the degree of mechanization is high. The central enterprise has a 95% mechanization degree of coal mining and 90% mechanization degree of five drivage loading. Fourth, the safety quality standardization is high. The central enterprise coal mine index reaches 80%, which is 48.3% higher than the national coal mine. Five is the coal mine million tons of mortality is low. In 2009, the central enterprise coal mine million tons mortality (0.063) was 92.9% lower than the national coal mine (0.892), 81.8% lower than the state-owned key coal mine (0.347). However, the present situation of coal mine safety in China is still serious. Dispatch letters statistics show that as of June 27, since this year the national all kinds of coal mine accidents occurred 617, killed 1192 people, the death toll rose 6.7%, larger, major, and extremely large accidents), the death toll from all different levels rise. In particular, in less than half a year, five major accidents occurred, two of which occurred in central enterprises. These accidents caused great loss to the people's life and property, and caused the high concern of the whole society, which seriously affected the image of the central enterprise, and the lessons were very profound.

          Zhao tiechui, points out that the central enterprises in the management of coal mine safety production has the unique superiority, equipment, personnel, funds, but according to recent accident reasons, there are still some outstanding problems and weak links. One is that some coal mine safety development consciousness is not strong, the responsibility of safe production principal is not put in place. In particular, some central enterprises have integrated and acquired coal mines, and the safety management institutions are not sound, the personnel quality is not high, the security foundation is weak, etc. Second, some coal mine system measures are not strictly enforced, the accidents are serious. Individual central enterprises are big, the front line is long, the security management system is not smooth, there is the phenomenon of "tightening up and decaying". Thirdly, some coal mine construction projects are incomplete, and illegal and illegal phenomena occur frequently. There is even an unapproved first construction, large batch construction and avoidance of supervision. Fourth, some coal mining enterprises have inadequate emergency management system, lack of operational planning, lack of training exercises, etc., and the ability to respond to emergencies is not strong.

          Zhao stressed that the current and future work of coal mine safety in central enterprises should be focused on the following aspects: first, the responsibility for coal mine safety production in the central enterprises should be implemented according to law. We should ensure that the safety management, investment, equipment and training are put in place by implementing the responsibility of production safety. In the coal mine enterprises in-depth study to promote "Bai Guozhou team management law", strengthen the team construction as the core of the site safety management, establish a safety production team, with emphasis on the assessment mechanism, further implement the responsibility of the shift safety management coal mine. To earnestly implement the responsibility system for coal mine construction safety, and strengthening the safety management in construction project as the coal mine safety priority to grasp, earnestly implement the local government and relevant departments, construction units, design units, construction units, supervision units of the security responsibility. Second, to highlight the prevention priority, vigorously promote the "131" special governance action to further strengthen the coal mine safety foundation. The central enterprises to carry out special action coal mine construction project safety inspection and carry out water disasters, special gas and fire prevention activities, work hard to build safety quality standardization, speed up construction and improve the safety of underground "six systems". Three is all regions and departments and the local coal mine safety supervision institutions should insist on the principle of "grading, earthly", to monitor the central enterprise of coal mine safety supervision according to law, supervise and urge its construction according to law, the legal production. In order to establish a central enterprise coal mine liaison system, regular liaison meetings shall be held to keep abreast of the situation, analyze the situation and take measures to strengthen and improve the safety work of coal mine in central enterprises. Service awareness should be enhanced. We will adhere to the supervision and supervision in the service, and actively provide policy consultation, technical guidance, education training, information statistics and other services to the central enterprise coal mine.

          At the meeting, we also listened to the central enterprises' implementation of the 15th document and the spirit of the security council of the state council. The discussion and exchange of safe working practices and advanced experience of coal mine; This paper studies the system of establishing the safety production of coal mine safety in central enterprises, and measures to further improve the work of coal mine safety in central enterprises.

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