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        Welcome to Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. Official website



        Anhui mining Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

        Contact: manager Jiang

        Fixed: +86-0561-3126301

        Fax: +86-0561-3126380

        Mobile: +86-13856195551

        E-mail: 1565688698@qq.com

        Address: no.222, dongshan road, duji district, huaibei city, anhui province

        Zip code: 235000

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          The company held a new commission of middle management for the icac
          Time:2017-08-28 17:18:41      Clicks:5750

          On the afternoon of May 8, the company held a conference room in the second floor of the conference room. The company led li zhenshui, sun junhua, related department staff and nine new middle management staff to attend the meeting.

          During the meeting, participants learn the honest self-discipline rules of the communist party of China, the mechanical and electrical equipment company's style to build a clean government system of questioning, the mechanical and electrical equipment company of leading cadres clean from "eight leading the" regulations ", "on middle-level leadership and middle management accountability management interim provisions" and other documents, watched the warning DianJiaoPian always on the road.

          Later, the new management personnel made statements and read out the proposals.

          Sun has made three demands on the staff. One is to firmly believe in the ideal and keep the mind pure. Second, we should cherish new posts and strengthen the "four consciousness". Third, we should take the lead in accepting the supervision of the masses.

          Li zhenshui led the staff to review the important content of CPC's clean government construction since the 18th national congress, and put forward four expectations. First, we should strengthen learning and improve the entrepreneurial skills of the officers. Second, love the job, loyal enterprise development; Third, unity and harmony, the overall situation of the work; Fourth, integrity and self-discipline, enhance self-image and make greater contribution to enterprise development.

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