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          Provincial enterprise service party organization demonstration point
          Time:2017-08-28 17:26:32      Clicks:5347

          On June 20th, the provincial sasac's party committee issued a notice naming 27 provincial party organizations, such as the party branch of the electroplating division of anhui mining machinery company, as a demonstration point.

          Plating department party branch around the production and business operation to grasp the party, the party construction and deepen the "green, electroplating, lean production, the salt effect" management philosophy, combined with stable workforce and increasing the income of workers, the difficulties together, together with the enterprise carry burden transformation development, the first attempt to divisional system operation and management mode, target assessment, liability management, in the party members to carry out the "four leading the one on the" activity, namely: take the lead in tree situation awareness, words and deeds and the requirements of unification; To take the lead in compliance with the discipline and quality assurance; To take the lead in hard work, to study the business and to adapt to the market needs. Taking the lead in carrying out the waste reduction activities; When the monthly salary quota is insufficient, the party member will calculate the salary income after the initiative, and activate the employee thought education and the performance appraisal continuous management effect. By quantifying the "six targets", the "reduction" is achieved by "reducing the target", the first is to quantify peak valley power consumption target, and rationally use the low power. The second is to quantify the target of water consumption, eliminate the long running water, and the wastewater reuse reaches 100%. The third is to accurately quantify the target of plating liquid and reduce the cost of materials; Fourth, to quantify the use of the target, to carry out the old and waste; Fifth, the goal of quantitative evaluation of the comprehensive assessment of the post, to cultivate a multi-skilled technical expert; Six is to quantify internal performance appraisal target, reduce labor cost, and realize savings of 2070 million yuan in three years.

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